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[#ShopWednesdays] 10 of the Coolest Swimsuits for Tween & Teen Boys we Found Online

With the end of the school year, there’s only one thing in the minds of teens & tweens….v a c a t i o n s! And these include summers visiting family abroad, weekend getaways, pool days and beach days. Spending time inside the water doesn’t mean that they can’t also look stylish and fashionable. […]

Latin Billboard Music Awards in Orgullosa Style

I have been to the Latin Billboards a few times and the show delivers on awesome Latino music, great entertainment and beautifully dressed Latinas every time. This year I had the pleasure of being invited and attending the Latin Billboard Music Awards with my amigas from P&G’s Orgullosa initiative and my bestie Michelle (my partner […]

Love & Sacrifice: What it’s (Really) Like for Latino Families Living in the U.S.

By: Dennis Sanchez Founder, Marcar Visions Marketing & Los Compadres, Modern Caballeros Many people ask me, “why do you put so much time and effort in the Latino community?” Others ask me, “What’s in it for you?” And my favorite, “Why do you spend so much time on something that’s not going to make you […]

[#ShopWednesdays] 10 of the Coolest & Girly T-Shirts We Found Online

We love shopping for ourselves, for our tweens, for our significant others, for our parents, for newphews… so we decided why not share our love for shopping with you – our readers! Starting today, every Wednesday will be #ShopWednesdays, where we’ll specially curate a collection of 10 items we absolutely L O V E online, […]

[FOR TEENS] 10 Young Hollywood-Inspired Party Hairstyles to Try at Home

The big day is almost here…you have the dress of your dreams, to-die-for heels, jewerly that makes you feel a million dollars and all that’s missing is…the HAIR! Doesn’t matter if you are going for prom, for your Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañero, a wedding, or homecoming, your hairdo can make – or break – your entire […]

Why going out of your comfort zone is great for your soul

By: Christine Gutierrez, Psychotherapist There are different types of comfort. The comfort of a delicious chai tea, foamy at the top, with just the right amount of sweetness. Reading your favorite book, curled up on a comfy couch. Cuddling your fur baby. Laughing with those you love. These comforts are comforts of truth, desire, love. […]

[FOTOS] 13 fabulosos “looks” de nuestra mami-fashionista favorita, Jennifer Lopez, en American Idol XIV

por: Anllelic Lozada, M.S. “Tia-in-Charge,” Los Tweens & Teens La “super-latina” Jennifer López no sólo es cantante, actriz, empresaria y madre de gemelos, pero también es una de las “top” fashionistas en el mundo. Como una de las jueces del famoso programa de talento, American Idol, ella brilla todas las semanas con un nuevo estilo […]

¿Tu adolescente padece de estrés y ansiedad? Dile que trate esto

por: Anllelic Lozada, M.S. “Tia-in-Charge,” Los Tweens Estratega de Marketing Personal El estrés y la ansiedad no es común solo en los adultos. Según un estudio de la APA (American Psychological Association), el estrés es extremadamente común dentro de los adolescentes. Si el trabajo y el dinero son los dos factores mayores para los adultos sentirse fuera de si mismos, no es sorprendente que los estudios son el factor #1 para […]

[Product Reviews] From Nail Polish to Perfume: Gifts for All Women from Avon

Disclaimer: Avon provided us with these products to test, and as always, all ideas + expressions are ours F-i-n-a-l-l-y a nail polish that does it all! Cristy tested Avon’s line of Gel Finish Nail Enamels and was amazed by the results. This wonder shines, works as a base coat & top coat, protects, strengthens (!!), has […]