#SaboreaTuCultura with this Risotto with Gandulez and Carne Frita Recipe

Disclaimer: This blog post is part of a compensated campaign with Dime Media and Sedano’s, however, all opinions are my own. When I have a craving for Cuban buñuelos (often!), I go to my local Sedano’s in the Doral area in Miami and grab one of their Cuban buñuelos at their bakery and if I’m […]

July is Ice Cream Month and Here’s 10 Cool Ice Cream Facts

People living in the United States indulge in ice cream more than any nation in the world, averaging a whopping 48 pints per person, per year. Ninety-eight percent of all U.S. households purchase ice cream, with more sold on Sunday than any other day of the week. Eighty-seven percent have ice cream in their freezer at any […]

[Recipe] Easy Breakfast Casserole with Veggies, Bacon & Potatoes

Why not enjoy the weekend with a delicious homemage breakfast? Show off your baking skills and prepare a breakfast that will have everyone feeling the love from the moment they wake up.  You will be the top chef in your family and kids with a big appetite will definitely come back for seconds for this easy to […]

Join Us for the Milk Life #herencialeche Twitter Party

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media & milk life, all opinions are approved by this platform.  It’s no secret that Latinos love ‘leche’ – from ‘arroz con leche’ to a liquado or the beloved ‘café con leche’ many Latino recipes include milk. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Milk Life […]

[En Español] Cómo crear una cena en casa inspirada en el ‘Dia de los Muertos’

Día de los Muertos ha ganado popularidad en los últimos años, especialmente en el mundo de la moda y de la cultura pop, ¿pero conoces el rico simbolismo detrás de la comida y las decoraciones de esta fiesta tradicional mexicana? Cada primero y 2 de noviembre, familias y amigos honran la vida de sus seres […]

5 Tips to Get Teens Ready for Cooking their Own Meals at College

Between classes and exams, college years are a pack of fun, but they aren’t exactly a byword for delicious food. With the bliss of mom’s cooking left back home, teen have to either settle for bland campus grubs or start cooking your own meals, which can be a tough task for a first-time uni-based chef. […]

[Video] Watch Tween Girl Create an Award-Winning Quick Healthy Breakfast for Kids

Parents searching for quick healthy breakfasts for their kids need look no further. Fourth-grader Madysun Christensen of Salt Lake City, UT, has the winning recipe in Sodexo’s 2016 Future Chefs: Healthy Breakfast Challenge. Madysun, with her Boil-in-a-Bag Omelet recipe, is the national winner of the annual contest, held by Sodexo, global Fortune 500 company that delivers […]

[En Español] [Vídeo] Fácil Napoleón de Chocolate por la Chef Maria Katalina Velez

El Napoleón es uno de los postres favoritos pero también mas versátiles, ya que se puede combinar de diferentes maneras. Lo que hace un Napoleón es las diferentes capas de bizcocho y frosting. Aquí les mostramos la Chef Maria Katalina Velez, proprietaria del restaurante Mojitos Cuban Cuisine en Brooklyn, NY. Te recomendamos ver estas recetas […]

[Video] [Recipe] Benefits of Juicing and Detoxifying Green Juice Shot by Chef Cheo

We all know that the greener your diet, the healthier for your body, and recently we have seen a boom on taking the greens into liquid form. Check out the benefits of creating this habit and check out an easy recipe below to try it yourself: Detoxifying Green Juice Shot by Chef Cheo Yield: 1 […]

[Recipes] 8 Easy-to-Make and Flavorful Meatless Meal Ideas

If you have a vegan diet or are honoring lent season, it can be difficult always having different meal ideas without meat. Below we curate eight of our favorite veggie & fish meal ideas we got from our friends at Knorr and Hellmanns. Don’t forget to also check out our Pinterest recipe board below. Bon […]

[En Español] [Video] Chef Cheo te enseña como hacer un sándwich cubano estilo americano

El sándwich cubano es simplemente una variación de un hand and cheese sandwich, que originalmente apareció como el desayuno predilecto de los trabajadores cubanos en las comunidades de inmigrantes cubanos en Key West y Ybor City, Tampa. Luego, los exilios cubanos lo trajeron a Miami y su popularidad se ha expandido nacionalmente y en países […]

Are Your Older Kids Getting Enough Protein? Tips & Giveaway

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with MilkPEP and DiMe Media. Please see this site’s Terms of Use for details.   As kids get older sometimes it’s hard to find good protein sources they can enjoy quickly while running between school, activities and friends. During the holidays it can get even harder as so many […]

[Recipe] [Video] Tempura Avocado with Sweet Chili Sauce Dipping Sauce by Celebrity Chef, Chef Cheo

What do Janet Jackson, professional baseball player CC Sebathia and Marvel Studios have in common? They all have enjoyed healthy & flavorful individualized meals from celebrity personal chef, Jose Garabito “Chef Cheo.” A self-proclaimed Afro-Latino, Chef Cheo is in a mission to educate the Latinos on the consciousness of food because as his motto says, “when you […]