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About | Los Tweens


Holaaaa. We’re Cristy and Katherine amigas, moms, founders and publishers of Los Tweens & Teens.

Cristy Clavijo-Kish and Katherine Doble-Cannata


I, Cristy, conceived the idea for Los Tweens and Teens in the midst of raising twin identical daughters, Sophia and Olivia.

Cristy and the Twins – Olivia and Sophia

I was struggling with keeping my Latina culture alive for them once my amazing Abuelitos passed away – they were the true gatekeepers.

Cristy’s Abuelos- Papi, Mami, Mima & Abuelo Sergio

My hubby and I realized we needed to teach them about culture during these critical tween years. As my madre says…”ahora es el momento – luego es muy tarde para empezar.”

Cristy’s Mom and Dad- Tania & Sergio

I, Katherine, was having the same problem!  My abuelos – Yeyo y Yeya -  had passed away leaving a huge cultural void.

Katherine’s Grandparents: Yeyo and Yeya

My three kids, Maddy, Jonathan and Carmen were missing out on a critical part of their identities.

Cannata Familia

We wanted a place where we could share all of our collective cultures while raising children in this great nation we share.  Los Tweens and Teens was born.

Between school, friends, activities, carefully watching how they’re developing and with who – our hands are full.  So as amigas helping each other we try to share those insights with you and hope you share yours with us.

Connect with us on:   FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube 

A little more about Cristy….

La Familia Kish

My familia always is at the center of my life. My twin daughters are truly a gift from God as an adolescent Cancer survivor I had little hope to be a mother but here they are!

Olivia and Sophia

I married my college sweetheart Chris (yes it’s true)- truly my best friend- and we’ve been together in wedded bliss for a longggg time!

Cristy & Chris

I’m the daughter of amazing Cuban-immigrant parents who taught me that hard work is essential to achieving your dreams and goals. I’m a Girl Scout troop leader, an amiga, sister, social media marketing professional and all-around funny chica!

Cristy and the Twins in Girl Scout Uniforms

That’s me, writing the next chapter of my crazy vida- one day at a time. Reach out- I love to chat.


A little more about Katherine…

The best memories I have of my childhood are my summers with my grandparents soaking up as much culture, Spanish and Cuban food as possible.  Their work ethic, drive and enthusiasm to enjoy life have inspired me every step of the way as a wife and mom.

My husband and I met in high school and have been inseparable since then.  Together we raise three amazing children.

Sebastian and Katherine

Maddy, our tween, is full of spunk and energy and loves sports.  Jonathan, our Kindergartener, loves sharks, dinosaurs, Legos, anything with a screen and always has a witty comment.  Carmen, our baby, is still developing her personality but from what we can tell she is going to be quite a handful!

The Party Rock Crew – Maddy, Jonathan and Carmen

I am a Girl Scout troop leader as well, volunteer for different charities in Miami, have my own marketing company (Siren Marketing) and am a self-proclaimed foodie.

The eldest two

I love sharing stories, swapping ideas and learning.


The Professional Stuff: 
- 2012 Quoted in NBC Latino
- Content Partnership with Mamiverse
- Named 2013 Mujeres Legendarias by Ford Motor Company
- Nominated for Social Revolucion 2013 Award
- NBC Latino Contributors


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