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Preserving the Internet for our Tweens

By Katherine Doble-Cannata   Our tweens don’t know what it is like to be in a world without the internet.  “I’ll google it,” is a phrase my tween will often say when she asks a question and isn’t satisfied with the answer or wants to learn more. The access to vast amounts of information is […]

Why Dr. M.L. King Jr. is so important to us! – Video

As part of our cultural background, we must help children understand sacrifice and leadership. Few people exemplify these characteristics like Rev. Dr. King. We honor him today by allowing some of our Girl Scout Tweens tell us in their own words why he remains so important today.   Happy Birthday Dr. King- we continue to […]

Breaking the Cycle of Silence Among Us, Women

   By Katherine Doble-Cannata   “You can’t talk about your problems online.  What happens at home, stays en la casa.” This was the reaction one of my female family members had after learning about the concept of Los Tweens.  Of course, how could I dream of sharing online the challenges of being a parent.  I […]

  TweenversationsTM, hosted online chats for parents and kids, will be coming soon to our Los Tweens and My.LosTweens community!  Mamis, Madres, Moms, Abuelas, Tias, hermanas, Padres, Papis, dads and los chicos, Los Tweens, TODOS get ready to chat with us about your adventures, community, thoughts and more.   To sponsor a Tweenversation, email Cristy, […]

Can I Stay Home Today?

A Parent’s Challenge to Stress the Importance of Education with their Tween By Jorge Hernandez Can I stay home today? These are the first words I hear every morning when I wake my seven year old son Dariel, for school. He started second grade this year and although his grades are wonderful and he’s received […]

Feliz Dia de Los Reyes Magos

  By Katherine Doble-Cannata I had a blast at Thursday’s Being Latino/Hispanicize Mi Best Buy Twitter party – sharing my Tres Reyes traditions, learning new ones and getting a lot of great information from Best Buy and Xbox !  Here is a recap of some things I learned and thought other tween parents would like […]

Tips for Holiday Baking with Your Tween

When my tween, Maddy, was three year’s old, we spent an entire day baking and decorating gingerbread cookies.  I still remember her big smile as she swiped pink frosting on a gingerbread “woman” – she decided they weren’t going to be an men except for maybe one daddy gingerbread. Since then, we have spent every […]

Celebrating Cherished Family Traditions at Hanukkah

By Evan Michael The holidays have always been one of my favorite times of the year. Growing up we would celebrate Hanukkah by lighting the candles, exchanging gifts, and taking family trips.  I remember several years lighting the candles at home, then at Disney World, and a few times even while skiing in the northeast.  Those are fond […]

Creating a Culture of Giving

Tweens have reached a developmental point where they need to be taught that empathy and community service are more important than the gifts they receive.   With three-quarters of us confessing that our kids are a little or a lot spoiled according to a TODAY Moms and Parenting.com survey, creating a culture of service in our families […]

Raising Multicultural Children – By Jai Koch, Miami Beach

Raising Multicultural Children- focus on the Tween years By Jai Koch, Miami Beach  Raising multicultural children can seem like a daunting task for us busy parents. It doesn’t have to be that way. Sharing culture with your Tween can be as simple as singing a lullaby, reading stories, or sharing a recipe. My husband is […]

Holiday Traditions

 By Katherine Doble-Cannata, Co-Publisher‘Tis the season to share our culture with our tweens and we want to talk about it juntos!! Join us in our series of holiday posts, discussions and videos – comment, send us your own videos, write on our Facebook wall or tweet us. Let’s get through all of the cooking, decorating, and family […]

Don’t Stress the First Report Card – Part 2

  By Kathryn M. Núñez (5th Grade Teacher)   Below are key questions to ask yourself with tips on handling these sensitive situations stemming from your tween’s FIRST report card. What is going on with my tween?  The tween years are extremely difficult.  This is a time that your child is learning and developing who […]

Reducing Stress In Kids

Reducing stress in kids is a goal of parents everywhere. These easy research based tips can be applied immediately so that you and your child can relax.  Children are vulnerable to stress. 13 out of 100 children experience some kind of anxiety disorder and many more are just stressed out! Living a balanced life and reducing […]

Don't Stress the First Report Card – Part 1

By Kathryn M. Núñez (5th Grade Teacher) buy original essay As the first round of marks close, the word “REPORT CARDS” becomes ever more present in the minds of the parents, students, and yes, even the teachers. From the parent’s perspective, you’re mostly worried about: Whether or not your child has performed at the average […]