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Importance of Tween Sports

By Katherine Doble-Cannata, Co-Founder & Publisher When my tween convinced her friends to play basketball with her this year, I worried.  There was so much that could go wrong….first day of evaluations, the girls were separated.  I cringed.  The teams were announced and two of the five girls were on the opposing team.  I bit my […]

Helping kids develop leadership skills

Published By: TOM LOEWY via Galesburg.com   GALESBURG — Annie Geitner and Paige Putnam said Friday was a chance to step outside their regular high school routines and think about themselves and their relationships to their peers. The pair of 16-year-old sophomores from Knoxville High School attended the fourth annual Teen Leadership Summit on the […]

Am I Ugly Videos exemplify agitating Tween Trends

    Published By: Hamza via Top Updater   Am I Ugly Videos exemplify agitating Tween Trends:The notoriously awful observers at present accommodate the self-regard of many pre-teen girls who are sending “Am I Ugly Videos” to the web site. If you are looking for “Am I ugly” or “I’m Beautiful” on YouTube you will […]

The six best things about tweens

Published By: By Charlotte Latvala, Parenting.com via CNN Living   (Parenting.com) — When my kids were younger, friends with tweens gave me dire warnings: “It’s a whole new world — much worse than the terrible twos.” “You won’t believe the change in your kid — like night and day.” “Just wait until they hit middle school; brace […]

How to Talk to Kids About Lent

  Published by Jenn Talking to our kids about Lent means we first have to understand the history and meaning behind WHY it’s celebrated. Look for a great article about “what is Lent?” to be posted this week on the What’s in the Bible? blog. The important thing is that we do take the time […]

Parenting: Tips for keeping kids safe online

  Published By Amy Buckman  via ABCLocal Feb. 21, 2012 (WPVI) — My sons Billy, who’s in 10th grade, and Micah, who’s in 5th, both go online to do homework.   Billy says he uses his school-issued laptop, “Mainly for schoolwork and getting my homework done,” but admits that sometimes he goes on Facebook as […]

POSITIVE PARENTING: Child development

  By Lila Hope-Simpson via Kings County News   The best strategy for being an effective parent is to educate yourself in basic child development. Understanding ages and stages help set realistic expectations and goals. For example, here is what you can expect from your two year old. We often hear the term terrible twos. […]

Tween Dating on the Rise

  By Dennis Leap via theTrumpet.com Dating is becoming common among younger and younger people. Parents are failing to step up and provide them the guidance they need to make wiser choices. A 2008 survey that nearly half of 11-to-14-year-olds say they have been in a dating relationship. The survey, cited by the Wall Street […]

Can moms with different parenting styles be friends?

  By Kim Brown Reiner via Today Moms   I knew it was playdate suicide immediately after offering a cookie to a new friend’s organic-only, no-TV son. I was trying to bribe the boys to clean up, but by the look on her face I felt as though I was pushing drugs. “You let him […]

No te estreses con la primera entrega de notas

No te estreses con la primera entrega de notas  Tan pronto que se termina el primer semestre escolar, ya los padres, alumnos, y hasta los mismos maestros comienzan a preocuparse por las notas.   A los padres les preocupa lo siguiente: Si sus hijos están en el mismo nivel que sus compañeros de grado. Si […]

Pero mi corazon.. Why Valentine’s Day is Special with Los Tweens

Pero mi corazon.. Why Valentine’s Day is Special with Los Tweens Cristy Clavijo-Kish After a longgg day of way too much work, school, basketball, homework, dinner and no bath time yet- I had the placer of helping my tween twins prepare their Valentine cards and candy for classmates and teachers. I had bought the cards […]

I Heart a Valentine’s Sugar Cookie: From a Love Affair to a Family Affair

ANOTHER GREAT COOKING EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR TWEEN PROVIDED BY     I heart sugar cookies and these soft pillows of sugary goodness are not just for Christmas.  These cookies are so easy and yummy you’ll never use another recipe again.  Using orange zest is what gives this cookie an extra special flavor. The best part […]

TWEEN BIRTHDAYS- ‘To Party or NOT to Party?” – that is the pregunta!

The birthday parties surrounding my girls these days vary as much as their friends. Living in S. Florida we have plenty of simple pool parties alongside the latest ‘spa’ parties for girls and some fun ones that are gender neutral like roller skating, bowling and a recent ‘basketball’ party was lots of fun. In November […]

Encouraging Tween Reading

By Katherine Doble-Cannata, Co-Founder & Publisher   It was easy to encourage 4 year-old Maddy to read.  All I had to do was say, “It’s time for bed,” and instantaneously six books would appear in her hands.   Right around the time she hit the tween years, the demands of school work, busy extracurricular activity schedules […]