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E is for Violence

A Dad’s Struggle with Violent Video Games By Jorge Hernandez When my daughter Sabrina was born, ten years ago, Barney, the purple talking dinosaur, was the rage for kids along with Elmo, the red Muppet.  I swore back then, before she was born, that I would not submit her to that type of empty entertainment. […]

Healthy Sunday Brunch- Warning- it’s in Spanglish!

It was a busy work week and I spent more time than usual away from the kiddies. So we took Sunday late morning to create a brunch together and attempted to practice more Espanol.. chaaaaaa- that’s not easy at this age! Well- the result was a yummy brunch with a Spanglish narration.. bueno– at least […]

SeaWorld Makes A Splash With Los Tweens- Video

Celebrating 10th Birthday with Travel & Style- Party II online currency trading Our Los Tweens families visited SeaWorld recently following a special invitation from the Park’s communications team and the great people at Visit Orlando (@VisitOrlando) and we are so glad we did!  We enjoyed a personalized tour by SeaWorld’s extremely well informed marine life […]

Celebrating a 10th Birthday with Travel & Style – Day 1

Tenth birthday parties are a big deal!  They have completed an entire decade of learning, growing and succeeding . Oh, and let’s not forget that we parents deserve a big pat on the back too (preferably that is followed by a glass of champagne).  We’ve spent 10 years doing a lot of work ourselves.  It […]


‘To Party or NOT to Party?” – that WAS the pregunta! Part II- We did it! How it went and what we learned So much for the ‘gringo’ being the sensible one! My husband- a.k.a. ‘el gringo’ as his all-Latino friends call him for growing up in South Florida’s Hialeah community- enjoyed the super fiesta […]

What Memorial Day Means to Los Tweens

Cristy and Katherine share their perspectives on what makes Memorial Day special. Importance of Memorial Day By Cristy Clavijo-Kish Memorial Day is special to me as I’m surrounded by great men who volunteered for military service and taught me to show respect and appreciation at every opportunity. My father-in-law Louis Kish served in WWII in […]

Responding to Your Tween Saying "I Hate You"

By Katherine Doble-Cannata I remember it well.  It was probably one of my proudest moments as a parent.  I finally felt like all of my time, effort and sleepless nights were being validated.  Sure, I was shocked at first and maybe a little insulted but then it was pure joy. No, I am not describing […]

Mexican Chocolate Tamales with a Kick

  Mexican Chocolate Tamales with a Kick; Yummy Fun for the Whole Family   The holidays have come and gone and you’re wondering what to do with your leftover chocolate chips you didn’t use for baking and corn husks from your tamales?   These chocolate tamales piqued our interest because of the use of Mexican […]

Tween Cuisine: Introducing them to Avocados- Aguacates de Mexico

By Cristy Clavijo-Kish ventes aux encheres en ligne If you’re a parent or general adult exposed to a tween-aged child around eating time- you’ll come to recognize that for the most part- they’re finicky. As the mother of identical twin tweens- I get to enjoy both spectrums: the super finicky “no way I’m eating that […]

Excited for Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE

Isn’t very often that you see a female main character in a movie – or one that challenges rules, has unruly hair, thinks for herself and embraces her natural looks.  So when we heard of Disney/Pixar’s new animated film, Brave, had a female main character that fit all of these features we were instantly excited. […]

[VIDEO] Celebrate Moms of Tweens- Las Madres de Los Tweens

aaayyyyaaaaa- Can you hear the song.. “Canta y no llores” – Sing and don’t cry Moms of Tweens! What do Tween moms most likely have in common? Stress and smiles! Kids ages 7-12 require our attention at an amazing pace. You hear the Abuelas and voices of experience refer to newborns and teenagers as the ’tough […]

Family Game Review: Say Anything

“Say Anything” by North Star Games   During my trip to the Blogalicious conference in DC last October I was introduced to the North Star Games brand of family games. I played onsite and was given a copy for review on LosTweens. Just recently we got around to actually playing the game as a family. […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

She’s finally 10! Maddy celebrated her 10th birthday with a big familia fiesta! It blows my mind to think that my little baby is a whole decade old and 10 years from now she will be an adult. I know my job as a parent is to prepare my child to be a responsible, functional […]


There are just three days left until our tween, Maddy, turns 10!  Today, her little brother, Jonathan, joins the video and adds a little animation.  They also share with you the story of Billy the Marlin’s, the Miami Marlin’s mascot, visit to Jonathan’s tee ball. buy research papers online Saludos, Katherine zp8497586rq