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HEY! First Time Here? | Los Tweens

HEY! First Time Here?

Hola and welcome!  We’re so glad you’ve joined us.

Los Tweens is a resource for multicultural parents of children ages 7-12.   We share ideas, tips and tricks to dealing with these stressful but fun years.  We currently feature content in English and Spanish but are looking to expand in the future.

My Los Tweens is a fun place for the tweens to check out videos about what’s cool and interesting with other kids ages 7-12.

To learn more about your publishers and founders, Cristy and Katherine, visit our About Page.

To learn more about why we’ve created Los Tweens, visit our Why Los Tweens Page.

To learn more about My Los Tweens, visit the site or Why My Los Tweens Page.

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Cristy and Katherine


  1. Rosana Hernandez says:

    First time visitor. I like what I see and I have a beautiful tween who’s name is very Cuban… Dianelys I love my baby girl!

    • Hey! And Welcome to We would love to hear more about your tween and stay tuned as we will be launching which will be a tween friendly environment made just for tweens!

  2. Caroline Smith says:

    i am new here too, but i am not a mom lol i am a tween twin, i love everything yall do! this is an awesome website thank you for telling me!

  3. Would love to see theater covered here somehow…we are a theater company in Dallas that teaches in the public schools…

  4. Betty says:

    I’m a first timer & love the ideas…. I don’t have a TWEEN just yet but will eventually!! As a mom of a toddler of latin parents (Cuban/Bolivian), I find it difficult to instill BOTH cultures in my son’s life. We ONLY speak spanish to him & will continue to do so…He will be a LatinoAmericano!!!

    Thank you Cristy & staff for sharing this wonderful site with me! xoxo

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