Boricua Engineer Rita J. Angleró Sánchez Publishes Book in Spanish to Inspire Imagination in Tweens, “Max: ¿Qué Hago Sin Mi Tableta?”

Rita J. Angleró Sánchez alongside Maestra Biblio

The author, Rita J. Angleró Sánchez alongside Maestra Biblio at the book launch in Caguas, PR

Publicaciones NubeMar  celebrated the launch of  their first book Max: ¿Qué Hago Sin Mi Tableta?on June 30th 2018 at the Center of Science and Technology in Caguas, Puerto Rico. The author, Puerto Rican engineer , Rita J. Angleró Sánchez, inspires children to use their imagination and enjoy themselves without the use of technology.

The book, illustrated by Juanca Torres from Zoomideal in San Juan, is a children’s book that serves as an excellent tool for parents, educators, and caregivers to have an enjoyable and fun conversation about the balance of play and technology. At the end, the book contains a section of “Questions for Reflection” that helps the adult re-emphasize with the child the moral and teachings of the book.

“ The main character, Max, was inspired by my son Danny, who since very young has been fascinated with farming, playing outside, and helping his Dad. The adults that know Danny love asking him how his coriander or “cilantrillo” is doing. I’ll tell you one funny anecdote.

One day Daniel brought a bag of “cilantrillo” to school for his teacher. His teacher said happily “Oh, thanks Danny!” and he replied ‘Mrs.Oquendo it’s three dollars.’ We all bursted in laughter. He has always been a happy kid and oh he loves to talk.

When he was three years old we had to contemplate the idea of the tablet. All the children around him had one, expect him. I read a lot articles and studies about the topic. I wanted Danny to continue enjoying  the world of fun, exploration, and play he so much enjoyed.

From this process of reflection and having observed the need that exists in our society to talk about this topic, I came up with the idea of writing the children’s storybook ¿Qué hago sin mi tableta?,” said the author from  Arroyo, Puerto Rico Rita J.

Angleró Sánchez.

The story begins when Max’s mother asks him to put away his tablet, since he had been playing for some time. Max gets a bit frustrated and falls asleep. In his sleep, he has a dream and is visited by three characters that will take him in a fun-loving adventure – teaching Max that he can also have fun without his tablet and that he just needs a bit of creativity and imagination.

You can follow the author’s Facebook page for events and tips for parents and the beautifully illustrated book is good for ages 5-11 and  is available in


Mestra Biblio read the story with the kids and did a fun workshop at the end, at the book launch in Caguas, Puerto Rico

Children having fun after the book launch at the Center of Science and Technology in Caguas (C3TEC)



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