10 Most Popular International Travel Destinations for Summer 2016

by kdshutterman

by kdshutterman

Protravel International – the travel industry’s leading luxury corporate and leisure travel agency  – is announcing its top ten international destination rankings for summer travel based on its agents’ actual bookings.

Leading travel agents are sharing their insider knowledge on hidden gems in each destination, along with their personal favorites or off the beaten path experiences.

  1. United Kingdom
    “This summer, see London in a different light: privately and behind the scenes. With my onsite team, you can visit Tower ofLondon at night with a viewing of the crown jewels or obtain behind-the-scene access to the changing of the guards.” –Sharon Ritter, Protravel – Woodmere, NY.
  2. Italy
    “Kicking off the season with the international opera festival in the ancient Roman arena under the stars, Verona offers culture, history, remarkable cuisine and relaxation. My tip: Enjoy classic Venetian cuisine and wine at the Trattoria Tre Marchetti. Also, take two days to visit Lake Garda surrounded by medieval villages each distinguished by charming castles, atmospheric shops and restaurants.” – Suzanne Homme, Protravel – Palm Desert, CA.
  3. France
    “Just two hours east of Bordeaux – also known as the cradle of mankind – the Dordogne is pristine to this day and offers 15,000 year-old cave art, the medieval town of Sarlat, stunning troglodyte villages, medieval fairytale chateaux, history, magnificent views, sumptuous French gardens, and boutique hotels.  My favorite: The Dordogne is a gem of the French Renaissance and home to great wines, truffles and foie gras.” – Howard Lewis, Protravel – Beverly Hills, CA.
  4. Germany
    “This summer, experience Germany’s Romantic Road – fly into Frankfurt, rent a car and drive all the way to Munich or vice versa. The Romantic Road combines hospitality, nature, art and culture, and delicious food with historical festivals and entertainment. My tip: Visit the vineyards of the Tauber valley, explore Augsburg, and see the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.” – Loretta Carson, Protravel – New York, NY.
  5. China
    Shanghai is the place to be for authentic cuisine, luxury accommodations, and activities for any preference. My favorite: On weekend afternoons, go to the north side of the People’s Park where young and old from all over China participate in the marriage market – the avenue walls are covered in hundreds of resumes and messages indicating age, height, schooling, job and salary.” – Arlene Feen, Protravel – Miami, FL.
  6. Switzerland
    “In diverse and enchanting Switzerland, active travelers can take ‘the 5 lakes hike,’ stand up paddle on Lake Lucerne, or fly over a Swiss gorge on ‘flying foxes.’ My favorite: Bath in the spas of Bad Ragaz, taste wine in the Levaux Vinyard, and enjoy a fondue tasting in Emmental or a candlelight dinner on an Alpine mountain top. My tip: Celebrating its 150 anniversary, Bucher Travel’s bellboy service is Switzerland’s best kept secret!” – Dini Schild, Protravel – Palm Desert, CA.
  7. Hong Kong
    “Boarding from Central Pier or Kowloon Public Pier, charter a beautiful private junk to explore Hong Kong and its over 260 islands during the hot summer months. Sai Ying Pun in the Western District of Hong Kong is the best place for foodies seeking a unique and vibrant neighborhood offering a variety of restaurants and bars, art galleries and boutiques. Make sure to get a custom tailored suit in just 24 hours.” – Patricia Chungsathaporn, Protravel – New York, NY.
  8. Spain
    “This summer, travel to Mallorca and San Sebastián. On Mallorca, stay at a private villa or luxury hotel, enjoy the white beaches and activities for young and old. My tip: Visit the fragrant citrus plantations in Fornalutx. San Sebastián is known for its beaches, bayfront promenade, upscale shops, and exquisite restaurants offering regional specialties.” – Ann St. Hilaire, Protravel – New York, NY.
  9. Japan
    “Spend your summer vacation in Japan to experience one of the biggest UNESCO World Heritage sites: Mount Fuji. Easily accessible from Tokyo, you can reach the top of Japan’s sacred iconic mountain in a two day climbing program. The summit is attainable with guided assistance for any reasonably fit individual during climbing season, July 1-August 31.” –Roxana Lewis, Protravel – Beverly Hills, CA.
  10. Australia
    Australia is known for its food, luxury accommodations, and most of all its unique wildlife. My favorite: Take the scenic countryside drive from Melbourne to Phillip Island to watch the ‘penguin parade’ of countless little fairy penguins marching up the shore to their habitats after a whole day of fishing out on the sea.” – Honey Moss, Protravel – Miami, FL.
    “My tip: Interact with platypuses at the Healesville Sanctuary.” – Roseann Iovine, Protravel – San Diego, CA.

Source: PR Newswire

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